Heidi Hartz Watson

  • copywriter creative director
  • Seattle, WA

I write because it’s what I do best. That and ride a bike. I love to ride bikes, but the pay isn’t very good.

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I am:
A copywriter and strategic thinker who has been creating great work in social, digital, print, TV, radio, and direct response advertising at ad agencies and design shops in the Pacific Northwest for more than 20 years.

I can:

  • come up with the big idea and execute on it
  • write nearly anything, including headlines, tag lines, long body copy, social posts, banner ads, web content, radio scripts, television and video scripts, marketing emails, and poetry
  • direct voice talent in the booth
  • work with directors on set
  • present work to senior management and clients
  • think strategically
  • write a strategy and creative brief
  • direct a creative team and mentor junior creatives
  • handle ambiguity and difficult personalities
  • give constructive feedback on creative work, including design and art direction

I have:

  • worked for ad agencies & design studios
  • worked for in-house design studios
  • created award-winning work
  • mentored junior creatives
  • run new business pitches
  • managed my own business
  • written poetry on commission
  • asked the hard questions